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Ceramics - Glass - Related Materials


 Non-fired clay, terracotta, delftware, stoneware, porcelain, soda-lime glass, lead glass, mosaic, etc.


Ancient, historic, modern & contemporary art, archaeologic & ethnographic object.


Specific treatments on stucco, plaster, stone, gemstone, enamel and metal.



Workshop in Brussels

Every day by appointment.

Conservation expertise

Preventive conservation (passive)

Study and condition report ; inventory ; conditioning/

packaging ; exhibition presentation ; stockage.

Curative conservation (active)

Stabilization of alterations (consolidation,

chemical treatment, etc.).

Restoration Expertise

Structural & aesthetic interventions (bonding, gap-filling, retouching, varnishing, etc.)

Material experimentation & research on their application

Work Experiences more info on Linkedin



  • Master degree in conservation in 2011 from "ENSAV La Cambre" (Brussels), speciality in Glass & Ceramics

  • Private workshop since 2012, private & public clients.

  • Several internships & work experiences in the public sector, in Belgium and abroad: Walloon Heritage Agency (BE), KIK/IRPA (Royal Institute of Artistic Heritage, BE), Corning Museum of Glass (USA), University of Sydney (Australian Karakalpak Expedition in Uzbekistan), National Museum of Cambodia, Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient (The French School of Asian Studies, Cambodia).

  • Several academic experiences: Associate Professor at ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels), Interim Professor at ESA St-Luc (Liège), Speaker and coordinator in Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen (currently UAntwerpen) & INP (National Heritage Institute).



























Publications & Workshops more info on


Blanpain, Hélène, Driesmans, Dominique et Benrubi, Sarah, “Silicone as a Moulding Material for Loss Compensation: How to Choose the Right One?”, Extended Abstract for Poster Session, in ICOM conference: Recent Advances in Glass, Stained-Glass, and Ceramics Conservation, Amsterdam, 7-10 October 2013, Preprints, ICOM COMMITTEE FOR CONSERVATION: Paris, 2013, pp. 319-321.


Blanpain, Hélène, Le moulage pour la reconstitution des lacunes en restauration de la céramique et du verre, CeROArt (Online), online since 19 June 2012, URL :



Communications & workshops

23th and 24th March 2017       

Institut national du patrimoine, INP (National Heritage Institute), Paris.

Speaker (in collaboration with Sarah Benrubi) at the workshop: “Reconstitution pour le verre et la céramique: les silicones, sélection et utilization” (Reconstitution for glass and ceramics: silicones, selection and use).


9 October 2013                       

Conference « Recent Advances in Glass, Stained Glass, and Ceramics Conservation ICOM-CC Working Group Glass and Ceramics Interim Meeting and Forum of the International Scientific Commitee for the Conservation of Stained Glass (Corpus Vitrearum-Icomos) » in Amsterdam.

Poster Session (in collaboration with Dominique Driesmans and Sarah Benrubi): “Silicone as a Moulding Material for Loss Compensation: How to Choose the Right One?”.


6 November 2012                    

University of Antwerp (previously Artesis Hogeschool van Antwerp), Belgium.

Speaker (in collaboration with Julie Lambrechts) at the workshop: “Glass conservation at the Corning Museum of Glass”.


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